What I Do

“Marisa’s suggestions and edits were always insightful, gleaning deeper opportunities to make my work more nuanced and powerful.”

—Dian Parker, author and freelance writer

Even a skilled writer benefits from the trained eye and constructive feedback of a good editor. Whether you have written a personal essay, a fantasy novel, or a promotional brochure, I will give you the insights and support you need to capture your readers’ attention from the very first sentence.

I draw on my experience as editor, reader, writer, and linguist to help you find your best writing. I respect your vision as creator and take your work seriously, on its own terms.

Developmental editing

Big-picture editing that addresses content, structure, and style.

For creative writing:
In a creative developmental edit, I suggest revisions and offer specific guidance to:

  • tighten up plot holes and pacing and fine-tune a compelling narrative
  • develop the emotional depth of the characters and events
  • polish transitions so that each paragraph and sentence leads smoothly into the next
  • ensure that each aspect of the writing supports and enhances the rest

For practical writing:
In a practical developmental edit, I suggest revisions and offer specific guidance toward clear, effective writing with:

  • concise, well-organized content
  • direct and engaging language
  • a presentation that supports and complements the message

Copy editing

Sentence-level editing to:

  • resolve inconsistencies and unclear wording
  • verify the accuracy of general information (such as historical facts or quotations)
  • apply standard formatting
  • correct errors of spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Can include checking design elements such as page numbers in a table of contents or style consistency in headings.


A final sentence-level pass to catch unresolved formatting, spelling, and punctuation issues and to make sure all changes from earlier revisions were made correctly.


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