When I first spoke with Marisa she listened to my rambling needs and knew exactly how to help. Her communication throughout the whole process was very clear, and her comments not only helped me fix awkward phrasing, but also gave insight as to how I could strengthen and tighten the sections that needed it. I … Continue reading Tyler McNamara, author

Tyler McNamara, author

Marisa Keller is a first-rate editor with a keen eye for meaning, as well as detail. Her suggestions and edits were always insightful, gleaning deeper opportunities to make my work more nuanced and powerful. She is a thorough and sensitive editor, and caught so many moments in my work that I had overlooked. I highly … Continue reading Dian Parker, author and freelance writer

Dian Parker, author and freelance writer

Marisa was such a pleasure to work with. She is everything one could want in a proofreader: hardworking and dedicated, and vigilant for errors, misstatements and rogue deviations from the newspaper’s style sheet. Along with her keen-eyed skills, Marisa is a kind, intelligent and principled human!

Pamela Polston, newspaper owner and editor

Marisa was easy to work with, was timely about doing her work, and was open to conversation about her suggestions regarding content. We didn’t always agree, but I felt we could work together to create a great finished product. I would highly recommend her to others needing strong editorial skills.

Jane Dwinell, author
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